Making things better one room at a time



Our Audience

It is an honor and privilege to provide customer service and satisfaction to those who appreciate them. Because we focus on the customer first, we have been acknowledged on HomeAdvisor as “Top Rated,” as well as an “Elite Service Professional.” We hope to continue collaborating with those who expect the best products and want the best techniques to be used in creating an experience and an emotion, not just a paint job.

Putting It Together

The journey begins. Twenty years ago, twenty-one years old and directionless, I looked in a newspaper’s classified ads (I did say twenty years ago) for a job – “Painter: no experience necessary” jumped out at me. By divine intervention I found something I truly love to do.

I worked my way through residential, commercial (places like Dick’s Sporting Goods, and retirement communities) and light industrial painting (for example, the Quaker Oats factory in Mechanicsburg, and would you believe, an animal testing facility!). In the late 1990s/early 2000s, I had the privilege of working on the Harrisburg Capitol restoration project, where I learned some decorative painting techniques, plaster repair, and the application of canvas to walls.

I then worked for Connor Design/Build, a company that does kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as, additions, furniture restoration, and hardwood floor installation, finishing, and refinishing. It was a fantastic experience that taught me basic carpentry, drywall hanging and finishing, sharpened my eye for detail, and reinforced the importance of refining a finish; think about looking across a perfectly flat floor or touching an incredibly smooth piece of furniture.

All of these pieces created a complex puzzle. It created an itch… a desire to apply these pieces to my own work. I wanted to set my own standard. Jamison Bros. was born, and that brings us to where we are today.

Why We Are Different

When you hire Jamison Bros. We expect a “That is amazing!”, BECAUSE that is what I want you to expect from us; every aspect, every facet, from the first meeting, to the set-up, the preparation, the execution, and the clean-up; start-to-finish excellence. Give us a shot at being a part of your story, while being a part of ours.